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Physiofox strives to provide quality service tailored to fit the needs and requirements of their patients. It uses a holistic approach in dealing with various health issues. Besides giving quality treatment, it focuses on providing an overall good experience for the patient.

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At PhysioFox we provide our patients with an uplifting experience. Upon assessing  the patient we primarily use hands on techniques such as deep tissue massage along with others like functional cupping, dry needling, instruments for muscle release etc. that  give lasting relief. At PhysioFox we make sure to create an ambience where the patient feels relaxed with soothing music in the background and even a hot beverage.


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Our perception

When we set up the clinic we had just two things in mind.  Get the best and latest equipment so we could ensure our patients optimal treatment. And make the surroundings as comfortable as possible.

So isn’t that what every clinic does?

Apparently not. Just by caring to give our patients the best care possible, we have taken physiotherapy to the next level.

Why Choose Us

We could sing our own praises with a slew of superlatives, and we’d actually mean every word as we are proud of the treatment we offer and the results we have achieved.  Instead we thought we’d focus on the feedback.  Why people love us, why they choose us. People like you who think they deserve more than being just a number on the waiting list.

PhysioFox fewerVisits

Fewer visits, yet quicker results:

In most cases we find it unnecessary to tire our patients with daily visits to the clinic. We call them twice weekly, packing a variety of therapies in the intensive, one on one sessions. And achieve excellent results. (And the patients recover faster – they say).

PhysioFox PeacefulLocation

Great ambience:

Though just a stone’s throw from the highway, the clinic is set in a peaceful and quiet oasis surrounded by nature, with easy parking. Inside the clinic, warm lighting, fragrance, and soft music keep our patients relaxed and happy and so receptive to treatment. There is water, organic tea or coffee available for the asking, as well as free wifi.

PhysioFox hygiene

High Level of Hygiene:

We take every precaution to providing a safe environment for the patient. Besides keeping the surfaces sanitised, we ensure that towels and pillowcases are changed after every session, equipment like electrodes are kept exclusively per patient. (We make sure everything we use is sanitized, from providing fresh linen to new electrodes per patient)

PhysioFox confidentialityWComfort

Privacy with comfort:

The sessions are conducted individually in an airconditioned, separate space to ensure maximum privacy and comfort to the patient.

PhysioFox advanceTech

Advanced therapies:

Besides all the traditional physiotherapy techniques we also specialise in others like the comparatively rarer German matrix therapy, functional cupping, dry needling, deep tissue massage etc. according to the patient’s needs.

PhysioFox sereneLocations

Serene Location:

Our Clinic is set in a calm environment amidst lush greenery where one can enjoy a moment away from the hustle and bustle.

PhysioFox parkingAvailibility

Parking Availability:

PhysioFox handsOnApproach

Hands On Approach:

PhysioFox Expert Team


Dr. Alison Bale

BSc (Hons) Chiropractor (UK)

Dr. Charlotte Faleiro

Consulting physiotherapist BPT, MIAP, COMT, IASTM

Dr. Joline Fernandes

Clinical Nutritionist, (England), BHMS

brian D. gama

Internationally Certified Functional Exercise Specialist

Dr. Urvashi Roy

M.B.B.S, MD, AFIH Consultant Pathologist Occupational Physician

Dr. Joyner Mesquita



Dr Austin Cabral (Physiotherapy Clinic), Belloy Panjim margao highway, Nuvem, Goa 403713

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