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      At PhysioFox we provide our patients with an uplifting experience. Upon assessing  the patient we primarily use hands on techniques such as deep tissue massage along with others like functional cupping, dry needling, instruments for muscle release etc. that  give lasting relief. At PhysioFox we make sure to create an ambience where the patient feels relaxed with soothing music in the background and even a hot beverage.

      Message from the founder

      PhysioFox Owner

      ” Hi! When I was in college I dreamed of setting up my own clinic in Goa. A clinic that people would actually look forward to walking into, instead of dreading their next appointment. One that would never compromise on either the treatment quality or the patient experience. After returning to Goa and analyzing the feedback that various people gave me with regards to what was lacking in physiotherapy services available in Goa, I created this studio and built it to what it is today. A space that combines very effective treatment approaches with an ambience that is far less that of a clinic and much more that of a relaxing getaway from the daily hassles. For I believe that a happy, optimistic patient is already halfway to being cured. “

      dr austin

      Dr Austin Cabral

      Founder, CEO of PhysioFox India

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      Our Expertise

      hydrogen therapy

      Hydrogen therapy is  powerful Anti-Allergy Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant which promotes a healthy metabolism, and helps in the activation of the body’s natural detoxification system.

      PhysioFox matrix

      Matrix Rhythm Therapy

      Matrix rhythm therapy is an advanced form of treatment  founded by the German scientist Dr U.G. Randoll and is based on cell biology.

      PhysioFox cupping

      Traditional & Functional release cupping

      It is a relatively new concept that works by applying cups and integrating it with dynamic functional movements to help restricted movement issues

      PhysioFox Needling

      Dry Needling

      Dry needling is used to help in reducing pain via targeting trigger points. 

      PhysioFox electrotherapy


      Electro therapy is the use of low intensity pulse currents in treating various conditions.

      PhysioFox Instrument-aided

      Instrument aided soft tissue mobilization

      Instrument aided soft tis mobilization is a treatment used to treat  myofascial restriction.

      PhysioFox deep-tissue

      Myofascial & trigger point release

      It is a targeted massage approach that focuses on a specific area of the body that is in need of healing or relief.

      Our Services

      PhysioFox Chiropractor


      PhysioFox generalPhysio

      General Physio

      PhysioFox womenHealth

      Women health

      Pregnancy Care

      PhysioFox Migraine


      PhysioFox sportsInjury

      Sports Injuries

      PhysioFox Geriatric Care

      Geriatric care

      PhysioFox Blood Testing

      Blood Testing

      PhysioFox Nutrition


      PhysioFox PhysicalTraining

      Fitness Training

      PhysioFox StressAnxiety

      Stress and Anxiety


      Post Operative Rehabilitation

      PhysioFox Ergonomic


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      Why choose PhysioFox?

      PhysioFox fewerVisits

      Fewer Visits with Quicker Results

      PhysioFox PeacefulLocation

      Great Ambience

      PhysioFox handsOnApproach

      Hands on approach

      PhysioFox hygiene

      High Level Of Hygiene

      PhysioFox confidentialityWComfort

      Privacy With Comfort

      PhysioFox advanceTech

      Advanced Therapies

      PhysioFox parkingAvailibility

      Parking Availability

      PhysioFox sereneLocations

      Serene Location

      Ravindra Cabral
      Ravindra Cabral
      Trust the team to put you back on track..back to work....in a few sittings....Amazing...God Bless
      Amresh Raikar
      Amresh Raikar
      Excellent services
      Viraj Bharat
      Viraj Bharat
      1. Prompt Response On Whatsapp 2. Clean & Hygienic Facilities 3. Patient & Experienced Physiotherapist 4. Immediate Relief From Pain After Session
      bernard d'souza
      bernard d'souza
      Thankyou so much Dr. Austin for attending to me promptly. Many thanks to Dr Charlotte especially who put in a lot of effort into my back , now I am pain free. Went there in a lot of pain and then saw the results immediately after her session . Thankyou so much
      Regina Dcosta
      Regina Dcosta
      2nd day of my bike accident I went to doctor and she really help my shoulder injury fixed, the extreme pain level was reduced a lots after my first session and I was able to drive a bike again after that. I can't wait for my second session so I booked again after 3 days and it feels so relieved on my shoulder. Thanks a lots i found the physiofox and the place, ambiance and service were very empressive. I would like to come again for another session on my next vacation not for accident again but for any treatment they can improve my health lifestyle.
      Kareena Kochery
      Kareena Kochery
      Very well equipped clinic. They are attentive to your needs, can provide a diverse range of treatments and are genuinely interested in your well being.
      Ranbir Aggarwal
      Ranbir Aggarwal
      We had landed in goa on a Saturday and unfortunately both my elderly parents were not well due to the exertion of the journey . I searched and came across a wonderful human being Dr. Austin who went out of his way to visit us on his holiday and treated my parents at the hotel with so much care and attention . My parents could not walk but thanks to his therapy and sessions we are safely back in Hyderabad. Dr. Austin is a wonderful doctor and above that a very caring and understanding doctor who helped us with all his might . We thank him and wish him a healthy life and will always be grateful to him . Thank you dr. Austin.

      What People Say About Us

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      PhysioFox Clients Feedback
      miloska miranda

      “Dr. Cabral has treated my 6 year old son suffering from chronic Migraine through Matrix treatment. The treatment has reduced his intensity and frequency of the headaches. Although we are done with the treatment he has been following up constantly on my sons progress 😊

      I highly recommend Dr. Cabral! He is very Professional and down to earth. We adore him. He offers a list of service and also does home visits. The clinic is squeaky clean and the set up is very impressive. Thanks Dr. Cabral for the excellent care, it is a pleasure knowing you. God bless and good luck 👍”

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      Maria Eve
      “Nisl ac massa porttitor adipiscing pretium nec sit turpis in adipiscing faucibus quam consectetur pellentesque et mi molestie amet, et, platea facilisi malesuada vitae in scelerisque elementum vestibulum accumsan at etiam vitae.”
      Liam Bower
      “Tristique sed odio nunc ut morbi sit urna, vitae, sed pellentesque massa, pellentesque lacinia sapien tempor enim netus euismod tincidunt varius malesuada ornare morbi lorem suspendisse non posuere penatibus tincidunt aliquam lorem.”

      Our Main Service

      • Matrix Rhythm Therapy
      • Dry Needling
      • Chiropractic
      • Electrotherapy
      • Traditional & Functional cupping

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      Physiofox: The Health Studio (Physiotherapy Clinic), Belloy Panjim margao highway, Nuvem, Goa 403713

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      From work or sports injuries to headaches, post-surgery rehabilitation to children’s injuries, women’s health and conditions… and more. We can help when you need it most. 
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